2012-07-20 21:06:52 by SUB4RU

Has anyone else noticed how dead this site has become in the last 3 months? How do we bring it back to life???


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2012-07-20 21:32:31

I see. It's been dying! I've been a frequent visitor to the site in 2007.

SUB4RU responds:

Yeah, it use to be crazy then... I only joined in 2009 but I saw how many comments/reviews things use to get back in 2007!


2012-07-20 21:35:49

they need to fix the bugs that are on here then the ones who left may come back

SUB4RU responds:

What bugs have you found? I haven't come across any other than not being able to delete tracks but that isn't a bug, that is just plain wierd that they didn't give us the option to do so!


2012-07-20 21:53:33

We need more content
We need something to make the majority of normal people stick to this site

SUB4RU responds:

There is a lot of content here, not sure what it will take.


2012-07-20 23:30:11

Just give the audio portal a radio, bring back the ability to flag submissions, and fix a plethora of shitty bugs you should have fixed to begin with and everything will be peaches and cream!

SUB4RU responds:

There use to be a radio didn't there? Or was that just a user who ran his own thing?


2012-07-21 02:35:02

were gonna need porn, lots and lots of uncensored hardcore japanese lesbian porn.

SUB4RU responds:

Start submitting, see how you go.


2012-07-21 03:24:19

I personally think there's something kind of intimidating and offputting about the redesign, but I can't really explain it... I love how it looks, the project system is wonderful, the video thing's brought in some great shorts, but something missing I can't put my finger on. Could be the Portal the way it was before. NG's just not so guerilla and vulgar anymore, it's becoming kind of artsy. I personally find that rather intimidating as an animator who's been around a while.

SUB4RU responds:

Yeah, it's like when facebook does redesigns, people hate it initially but then get use to it... except people aren't getting use to this, lol.


2012-07-21 04:55:25

This site has it's dry times I think. We seem to be going through that right now, I believe that the use of Flash(c) has to die significantly if this website does. Just look where this website has taken the internet in general.


2012-07-21 05:58:00

Summerhole or redesign - not sure.
Maybe the guys voting on the Blam/Save got more crittical, allthough ti still seems to have an slightly below average standart. Maybe it's the slow cycling of the frontpage stuff (How long has Project Nexus been there for now?), maybe it's the rise of all that artsy stuff, the fact that nigh everything gets posted on utoobe too, or maybe a bit of all of this or nothing.
I guess if someone would look through some google analytics, or whateverstatisticstoolthey'reusing, you could find prove that the site is dead - or actually doing fine, which would explain the "Let's keep this status for a while longer".

@flyingnun that's what other pages are for...for there's a Big List Of Porn on the allready anyway.

SUB4RU responds:

Didn't expect this post to get so popular, this has generated more interest than expected! Proves there are people still around. I am going to lock in "re-design".

Maybe Tom will see this thread and give us some insights?


2012-07-21 13:11:03

Tom removed the old dress up games from the early 00's depicting non-cartoon women. We've lost the sexually frustrated 11-y/o demographic.

SUB4RU responds:

haha, 90% of NG left with rage.


2012-07-22 08:54:45

plz don't remove old games. i loved "pico vs uberkids" and some other stuff from 00'


2012-07-22 08:56:51

heh, u alrdy deleted it. only shitty movie of 2008 is on.