No Longer Active!!! --> BeefourMusic New Account!

2012-04-17 22:57:33 by SUB4RU

Hey everybody,

I will no longer be uploading to this account, I now have an account with my proper artist name "BeefourMusic" :D

BeefourMusic New Page!

Be sure to become a Fan again and rate & review my tracks over there!

They are all HQ 320kb or higher!



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2012-04-17 23:49:16

I wanted to be the first to point out that you mis-typed your name. It was clearly supposed to be WillMakeMusicForBeer. :P

SUB4RU responds:

haha, now i want a beer! Almost finished work... :D


2012-04-17 23:51:51

Am I meant to read that as "Bee four Music" or "Beef our Music"?

SUB4RU responds:

Theoretically.... "Bee Four Music", but honestly, which ever works best!


2012-04-18 18:19:14

I'm glad you stopped advertising cars with your music :D

SUB4RU responds:

It was my car :( But I will stick to music themed pics from now on, on my new page :)